More than a passing fad, tented architecture is sweeping the globe and showing no sign of slowing down. In Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia and the Middle East – resort owners and operators are understanding the benefits of catering to a growing number of well-heeled clientele who care as much about their ecological footprint as their desire for comfortable and luxurious accommodation. And the numbers are staggering. Globally, the glamping and luxury tent industry is projected to reach $4.60 billion USD by 2026 – not bad at all considering it was only worth a “mere” $2.07 billion back in 2018 – Source: Verified Market Research.

Eco Manor – Luxury Tent located in Margaret River, Western Australia.

The appeal of glamping is easy to understand from a vacationer’s point of view. For starters, unlike traditional hotels that tower over the landscape, luxury tents nestle within the environment, allowing guests a far more immersive experience. The difference goes far beyond bricks and mortar, versus canvas; it’s about guests experiencing greater authenticity and partaking in a richer cultural experience. Glamping is a way of preserving a location’s majestic scenery in its natural state without having to corrupt the landscape with a manmade structure that distorts the appeal of the surrounding area.

Beyond the aesthetics, authenticity to place, and lower carbon footprint, luxury tents also offer resort owners a compelling financial incentive to go with their eco cred. In fact, tented resorts are consistently ranked amongst the best hotels in the world – in numerous surveys – and on average guests are willing to pay much higher rates, with rooms generating between 20-40% more than traditional offerings. Indeed, the savings begin from conception, with initial construction costs being as much as 50% lower.

Eco Beach Broome – Eco Tents and Cabins

Through building and running our own Eco Resort – Eco Beach Broome, we have extensive knowledge in the design and manufacture of luxury tents. Our products can be seen in many top resorts around the world and we have worked with leading architects across the globe – such as GAPP Architects in South Africa – to bring their plans to fruition. Some of the brands that have chosen to partner with us so far include Four Seasons, HPL Hotels & Resorts, Azerai Hotels & Resorts, and Adrian Zecha, to list just a few. They chose us because we live, work and breathe glamping, day-in-and-day-out, giving us valuable knowledge and unparalleled insight into all aspects of the industry.

If you’ve been thinking about setting-up some luxury tents in your resort or you’re an architect that would like to work with us to create your unique vision, get in touch, we are more than happy to talk about which luxury tents and adventure accommodation would fit your needs.

luxury tent
Canvas Hut Glamping – Luxury Tent