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Eco Structures: Our Comprehensive FAQ Guide to Eco Structures and Our Products

Eco Structures: Our Comprehensive FAQ Guide to Eco Structures and Our Products

If you’re interested in starting a glamping business, or a luxury retreat, or are just curious about what an eco tent is, our complete guide to Eco Structures will tell you everything you need to know about our products.

Here, our experts have put together answers to all of our frequently asked questions in one convenient place. Whether you are curious about eco tent warranties, the construction process of eco tents, the cost of eco tents, or the cost of shipping, we’ve got you covered.

Read our entire guide to learn everything there is to know about our eco tents and eco products, or simply use our table of contents to reference the exact questions you are interested in.


Table of Contents

1. Construction and Installation Questions

  • Construction Process
  • Site Inspection
  • Installation / Assembly Times
  • Take Down Process
  • Sloping Ground
  • Connecting to Mains
  • Permits

2. Tent Quality / Materials

  • Mould
  • Weather Conditions
  • Snow and Colder Climates
  • Customisation Options (i.e. Kitchens, Bathrooms, etc.)
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Building Codes
  • Bugs and Pests
  • Repair Parts
  • Fire Resistance
  • General Tent Specs

3. Pricing, Shipping, Ordering, and Warranty Questions

  • Pricing
  • Shipping
  • Ordering
  • Warranty


1. Construction and Installation Questions

  • Can You Assist in the Assembly of Eco Tents at My Location?

Our products are designed to be easily assembled by a local builder. We provide a comprehensive Installation Guide with every purchase. However, we are happy to provide a quote on the installation if required.

  • How Long Do Your Eco-Products Take to Construct?

The average install time is 2 days per Eco Tent. Installation times will vary depending on the model, extra add-ons, site conditions, builder skill level, number of builders, and weather. We are happy to advise you on this once we have a full brief on your project. ​ ​

  • How Long Does It Take to Put Up or Take Down Just the Canvas Portion?​

The canvas takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to remove and put back on. Although it takes minimal time to take the canvas up or down, we don’t recommend removing the canvas unless needed. Frequent assembly and disassembly of the canvas can lead to unnecessary wear and tear.

  • Are Your Eco Products Easy to Take Down?

Yes. Although our Eco Tents are designed so they can be permanent in any climate or weather, they are also constructed with ease of disassembly in mind. Our modular systems enable our Eco products to be easily disassembled and re-erected in a new location if required.

  • Can You Do an On-Site Inspection?

Yes, site visits can be arranged with prior notice. For site inspections, we generally charge a day rate and travel costs.​ Contact us for further details and we’ll gladly discuss the details of a site inspection with you.

  • Can Your Eco Products Be Built On Varying Surfaces or Sloping Ground?

Yes. Our proprietary system is designed with lift kits and bracing to fit with our tent to apply to tents that are off the ground. The small ‘building footprint’ on each of our products means that there is minimal excavation and disruption to the natural surroundings and environment.

Local flora and fauna can coexist uninhibited below each structure. We have a column and stump extension kit, allowing for easy installation on sloping ground.

  • Do You Provide Any Ancillary Products Such As Power, Water, and Waste Management?

All tents can be completely off-grid or connected to power, water, and sewerage, depending on your desired outcome. If needed, plumbing and electricity can be installed just as in a traditional building, as well as AC, mechanical equipment, water heaters, and fans.

We recommend that customers evaluate their own power, waste, and water options available to them locally. We are happy to discuss options with you and offer some guidance and recommendations based on your project and your needs.

  • Do I Need a Building Permit to Erect an Eco Tent?

Yes, you will most likely need to obtain a Building Permit. However, this is an easy process and we will gladly assist you with it.​ ​You can also check with your local zoning department for further information on permits, regulations, and ordinances in your area.


2. Questions About Tent Quality and Materials

  • Are Your Tents Mould Resistant?

One of the most common enquiries we hear is, “What experience have your clients had with mould?”. Depending on the climate, the canvas will eventually attract some mould. All organic materials attract spores that continually float through the air looking for the optimal conditions to grow.

However, our canvas is impregnated during the manufacturing process with a mould and mildew-resistant solution and a water-repellent agent.

If mould appears, the treatment process is simple. We supply detailed canvas care instructions with all of our tent purchases to ensure you know how to properly maintain your tent, prevent mould, and treat mould if needed. As always, our team is available to advise you if you need further help.

  • How Do Your Eco Products Stand Up To Harsh Climates and Weather Conditions?

Eco Structures was founded with mother nature in mind, both from an environmental perspective and a focus on product longevity.

Designed to withstand the Australian outback, where we experience some of the harshest conditions nature can throw at us, our eco tents are meant to endure challenging climates.

Our eco tents have been installed and tested in an expansive range of environments around the globe for over a decade, proving they can hold up in all seasons.

The tent’s structural framing elements are certified to meet the ‘Structural Performance’ requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Our tents are suitable for use up to and including Cyclonic Wind Region ‘D’. All components are manufactured from premium quality materials and all exterior components are UV stabilized for added longevity.

Our ‘How Durable Are Our Eco Tents’ blog post dives even further into the construction of our eco products and how they are built to withstand tough climates and conditions. ​

  • Can You Install Eco Tents In Areas That Experience Snow?

Yes, we have snow roof options, allowing eco tents to be left up year-round. Along with year-round use being more convenient, it also extends your season dramatically, providing a greater ROI.

Along with helping investors and resort owners with their luxury retreats here in Australia, our Eco Structures team has helped set up modules and tents across the globe. Our Eco Structures have been successfully installed and operated in a broad range of climates throughout the Caribbean, Europe, Fiji, and the United States.

  • Can You Put a Kitchen in the Tent?

Yes, you can add a kitchen to your tent during the customisation process. The only limits to interior design and layout are your imagination and budget.

You can choose to add a small kitchenette within the main living and sleeping areas. Alternatively, you can add on a canvas enclosure and fit that for a designated kitchen space.

Either way, we recommend you source local materials to finish out your kitchen. ​ For questions about designing and customising your eco tent, we invite you to reach out to us. Our skilled, friendly team is always happy to discuss designs with you to help bring your vision to life.

  • What Are the Bathroom Options?

​We have several bathroom options, allowing you to design a bathroom yourself. You can add on an extra room or add a complete Bath Pod with all inclusions. You dream it, we’ll help design it!

If you’d like to see more details on bathroom options, get in touch with us and we would be happy to send you our Bath Pod Brochure.

  • What About Heating and Cooling?

All conventional means of heating and cooling can be applied, according to your preferences, climate, and desired outcome. ​The canvas material of the tent usually reduces the energy efficiency by 30%.

  • Is Your Eco Products Built-in Compliance With Relevant Australian Building Standards?

Yes. Every product meets the Building Code of Australia (BCA) standards. Full engineer certification can be provided if required. Further, our engineer here in Australia can work in conjunction with your appointed engineer.

  • How Bug and Rodent Resistant Are the Eco Tents?

Our eco tents are constructed to be 100% insect and vermin-proof.

  • How Long Will It Take To Get Repair Parts If Needed?

If you experience a problem with an eco tent, we know you need a fast solution. We would attempt to send any required parts either air freighted or couriered to you as soon as we are notified.

Lead time is dependent on your location​, but our team will do everything we can to get you the repair parts you need as quickly as possible. ​

  • Are the Flooring and Canvas Fire-Resistant/Proof?

All our products are treated with a Flame Retardant Chemical, which makes them durable while also helping them self-extinguish. Fire test reports can be produced on request. ​ ​

  • How Often Do the Tent Zippers Break?

We use YKK Zips and Runners to ensure long-lasting and reliable usage of tent zippers. However, we do occasionally have clients report zip damage and request a new door.

Typically, this is a result of how the zippers are treated and maintained. We offer detailed instructions on zip maintenance advice, which eliminates the majority of issues.

Since all wall panels are individual pieces, only the affected door or window needs to be replaced rather than the whole tent. This repair process can be completed within minutes.

  • What Is the Extra Life in a High Tensile Shady Fly?

The High Tensile Shade Fly offers numerous benefits, including improved longevity of the canvas and increased protection against UV rays, dust, dirt, and water.

The high tensile roof also offers the advantage of being suitable for all areas, whereas the HPE Shade Net is not.​ ​If you need help deciding between the HPE Shade Net and the High Tensile Shady Fly, please contact us and we’d be happy to advise you.

  • How High Is the Tent from the Floor to the Tip of the Tent?

The height from the floor to the tip of the tent is 5.5 meters on average, offering a spacious interior feel. ​

  • What Is the Standard Height from the Ground of the Deck?

​The external decking is 575 mm above ground level and the internal tent floor is 625 mm above ground level.


3. Pricing, Shipping, Ordering, and Warranty Questions

  • How Much Do Your Eco Products Cost?

With an extensive range of customisation options, each Eco Structure product is priced differently. We can customise your Eco Tent to provide you with a targeted solution based on your unique idea, location, needs, and climate.

We recommend you provide us with a detailed brief on your project so we can tailor a price based on your specific needs. For an off-the-shelf price list please feel free to download our standard pricing list from the home page of our website or contact us for an estimate. ​

  • How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping usually takes 4-6 weeks, providing there are no delays to the nearest port.

  • What Are the Shipping Costs?

Shipping costs will vary due to distance, the amount that needs to be shipped, and the number of containers required.

Our shipping costs on international orders do not cover:

    • Arrival costs
    • Import duty
    • Local taxes
    • GST / VAT
    • Destuffing
    • Delivery to site

Our experienced Handling Agent can advise you on an estimate for shipping costs.​ ​

  • Once I Place My Order, How Long Will It Be Until It Arrives?

Our lead time is typically around 90-120 days from the date of order to on-site delivery. Lead times will vary at certain times of the year.​ ​For an exact order estimate, please contact us.

  • Do You Provide a Warranty Period?

Yes, we have varied warranties for each component, ranging from 5 to 15 years:

    • Canvas – 5-Year Limited Warranty
    • Steel Structural Frame – 15-Year Limited Warranty
    • PVC – 10-Year Limited Warranty
    • Eco Decking – 5-Year Limited Warranty
    • Steel Purlings – 10-Year Limited Warranty

Further warranty information is available upon request. Please feel free to reach out to our team with any warranty questions.


Have More Questions? We’re Here to Help

​We hope you found our complete guide to our eco products helpful. If you have a question we didn’t cover or want additional details, please reach out to us and we’ll gladly get you the info you need.

Our team at Eco Structures is committed to helping resort owners and operators fulfil the growing demand for luxurious holiday experiences that are also sustainable and eco-friendly. We help our customers outfit their resorts with premium, beautiful eco tents that provide unique, ‘trip of a lifetime’ experiences to modern-day travellers.

Our experts pull from over three decades of experience in the sustainable tourism industry, allowing us to design, manufacture, and supply durable, cost-effective, eco-friendly glamping solutions throughout the world.

Whether you want to design and install a single eco-structure tent or build a full-scale eco-resort, our team can personally help you develop a business plan, design your eco-friendly accommodations from start to finish, advise you on environmentally-friendly business operations, and answer all your questions about starting and running a glamping business.

If you are interested in our Eco Tents or Eco Cabins, please contact us to learn more or for a quote.

Karl Plunkett goes by many titles. A Developer, who established a successful building company, Australian Eco Constructions Pty Ltd, in 1996. An Owner, specifically of Eco Beach Resort in Broome where he first commenced working on the prototype eco tents, eco modules, and gazebos that have now become Eco Structures Australia’s core products. But above all, he is a Discoverer.