Our Story

Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, Eco Structures Australia designs, manufactures and supplies cost-effective, environmentally sustainable glamping accommodation, strategically designed to help resort owners and operators capitalise profitably on the rapidly growing demand for unique, experiential eco travel concepts. Led by our flagship Eco Tents glamping product, our ability to understand the demands of modern accommodation needs has seen us become an international leader, from Australia to the USA, Asia, Europe and beyond.

In 2000, Cyclone Rosita tore through Broome, Western Australia, wiping out the world-famous Eco Beach Resort – but not the steely resolve of its owner, Karl Plunkett. Amidst the rubble and ruins, Karl conceived a vision to redesign and rebuild a completely new resort concept fusing glamorous eco design with extreme weather structural integrity.

In 2009, Eco Beach Resort was reborn as a thriving tourism ‘village’ of lightweight, demountable structures, ranging from tents, to modules and gazebos. It was a grand accomplishment – but it was just the beginning.

Fuelled by his burning desire to innovate and revolutionise, Karl launched Eco Structures Australia to change the way travellers interact with the people and places. Based in Perth, Western Australian, this team of passionate progressives would soon become a leading worldwide manufacturer of luxury glamping tents and eco cabins

With the trend of glamping, staycations, ecotourism and wellness tourism growing rapidly, Eco Structures Australia is leading the way by helping resort owners and operators capitalise on the modern traveller’s demand for luxurious, one of a kind experiences.

Our team leaders

Karl Plunkett

Owner and Director

Tom Butterfield

Sales and Business Development Manager

Our awards

Tourism Hall of Fame for Unique Accommodation

Unique Accommodation


Sustainable Tourism

Indigenous Tourism

New Tourism Development

Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Best Steel Building

Commercial Alterations and Additions

Contract Homes

Multi Residential Housing Developments

Government of Western Australia: 2011 Regional Achievement & Community Award Winner


When predicting future travel needs, it’s not what you know that matters – it’s the quality of the questions you ask. These questions lead to a deeper understanding of changing trends and market sentiment, allowing us to constantly evolve our products to reach the ever-increasing heights of traveller expectation.

What we believe

Eco tourism changes lives

It is a tool to expose people to new experiences that teach life lessons, gently reminding us to reflect on what’s important and persuading us to switch off, disconnect, and reconnect with our surrounds.

Customers come first

We don’t just say we care - we live it too by making our team available to hear you challenges, standing by our products and replacing anything that isn’t working as it should.

In doing the right thing

We know that when we go out of our way to do right by our clients, our clients stick by us. We call it the circle of loyalty, where everyone benefits long-term by repaying the trust.

In the power of experiences

Powerful experiences burn into the mind, making your travel concept impossible to forget. We are privileged to help build a platform for you to create those memories.






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