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Our FAQs

Eco Structures thrives on providing solutions to match your individual needs. We answer your most frequently asked questions below.


Yes. Every product meets the building code of Australia (BCA) standards, and engineered and manufactured to the maximum cyclonic wind rating of Australia for any structure (Region D). Full engineer certification can be provided if required.

  • Our Eco Anchor foundation system offers a small environmental footprint compared to conventional foundation systems such as concrete slabs, pads and stumps etc.
  • The installation of our Eco Anchor foundation system negates the need of heavy concrete trucks and the like on site that can cause major disturbance to ground surfaces and natural flora.
  • The relatively fast install time of 2 days approx. per tent equates to minimal time on site (therefore minimal disturbance) for construction workers and machinery compared to conventional dwellings which may take several weeks.
  • As our glamping tents are prefabricated, all required materials/components are accurately manifested meaning minimal waste is left at the site.
  • Our glamping tents in kit form can, and have been, airlifted into remote and environmentally sensitive locations offering minimal impact compared to conventional truck haulage.
  • Our glamping tents can be dismantled and easily removed if required in 2 days approx. per tent offering minimal onsite disturbance compared to demolition of a conventional structure.
  • A range of environmentally friendly services can be installed to our tents including solar panels, septic and filtration systems etc.
  • Our Eco Decking flooring is manufactured from recycled rice husk composite material offering natural thermal insulation.  With the colour embedded into each board no painting or staining is required preventing harmful chemicals spilling into the earth.
  • Durability of product means minimal maintenance and disturbance on site.
  • Our glamping tents are energy efficient and can be heated or cooled very efficiently due to the canvas construction holding the ambient air temperature so well which ultimately minimises power consumption.
  • The aesthetics of our design and neutral canvas colours visually blends in well with the natural environment.

Eco Structures are supplied in kit form with all the working drawings and the instructions you require for assembly. You will need to prepare the site for installation and choose from a number of footing options. We recommend our Eco Anchor (this does not require the use of concrete) as a cost effective, durable solution ideally suited to remote locations.

The simple design of our eco tents and modules minimises the need for skilled labour to erect and install the structures. Our comprehensive installation guide provides all the information required and you or your local builder will have no issues installing and erecting our products.

For larger installations, we recommend one of our team members attend your site and assist with the initial installation and training to ensure you can complete the process safely and as quickly as possible. In some cases, our customers install our 4.2 models in just 2 days with 2 workers. Installation times will vary depending on the model, add-ons, site conditions, builder skill level, number of builders and weather. We can advise on this once we have a full brief on your project.

The small ‘building footprint’ on each of our luxury tents means that there is minimal excavation and disruption to the natural environment – flora and fauna can coexist uninhibited below each structure. The footings can also be counter-levered to allow for building on sloping surfaces.

Our products are designed to be easily assembled by a local builder (we provide a comprehensive installation guide for every purchase). However we are happy to provide a quote on the installation if required.

Yes. The small ‘building footprint’ on each of our products means that there is minimal excavation and disruption to the natural environment. We have a column and stump extension kit which make install on sloping ground easy.

Yes. Our modular systems enable our eco products to be disassembled and re-erected in a new location if required. However, our eco tents are designed so they can be permanent in any climate or weather.

The canvas takes approximately 1 – 2 hours to remove and put back on,  although we do not generally have clients removing unnecessarily due to the durability of our product.


Each product is priced differently and there are a range of options available. In most cases we customise the eco tent to provide you a solution based on your unique idea, needs and climate. We recommend you provide us with a brief on your project so we can tailor a price based on your specific needs.

We offer a range of incentives for orders greater than 5 tents, or by paying 100% of order (excl shipping, taxes, duty etc.) at time of ordering. This can be discussed once we have an understanding of model, quantity and extras required.


  1. The most cost-effective way to install your Eco Structure is to follow our detailed instructions and build yourself.
  2. We can put you in contact with local installers who can erect the structures in accordance with our instructions. We have a list of preferred installers that we’d be happy to share with you and provide a turn-key price for this solution.
  3. We have experience trainers who can assist you with the installation process as a reasonable cost. This will be based on a day rate.
  4. Where necessary, we can come to site and provide full supervision of the installation process and project manage the complete entire install of our structures only.  In this case we will manage the installation of the Eco Structures only, everything else is under your control. This does not include; power, water, sewage, removal of site works, rubbish, machinery hire.
  5. If required we can manage a complete build, including all services and installation. In this case, we’d deal with all contractors. This is approximately 15% more.

Design, architectural design, high level master planning, 3D renders, interior and landscape design, FF&E, assistance, feasibility study, council approvals, on-site installation.

Yes, in most cases you will require a building permit, however this is an easy process we can assist with.

Yes, site visits can be arranged (with notice). We generally charge a day rate and travel costs.

Services are an important component of any glamping development with a diverse variety of options available. Determining the best solution for services is dependent upon a myriad of factors including the size & scope of the development, geographic location, natural resource availability, service offering and budgetary limitations to name but a few. We recommend getting in touch with us to discuss your project so we can understand your needs fully.


Yes, we do! All our products are based on set modular sizes however there is flexibility with the layout of the product. Windows and doors can be customized to suit your layout and the Eco Tents can be linked together creating larger living spaces.  For larger projects, we can also create prototypes as per your project request.

On average our tents are 5.5m from the ground to the peak of PVC roof.

The external decking is 575mm above ground level, and the internal tent floor is 625mm above ground level.

6 to 15 footings or eco anchors are required per eco tent depending on size and any add–ons

Yes, we can supply custom roof options. This does of course incur additional costs.

From wall to wall we recommend minimum 6 meters, depending on your location, utilities available and landscape.

We recommend customers evaluate their own options available to them locally. We are happy to discuss options and offer some guidance and recommendations based on your project and your needs.

Yes, in remote environments it may not be viable or may be impossible to get power to sites due to its remote location or for other reasons. In this situation an off grid power system may well be a great option for you rather than running a generator. The off grid system can be supported by a generator to ensure you have plenty of energy, even when there is little solar energy available.

Installed the same as in any other building. AC, fans, mechanical equipment, water-heaters as well as inlet and outlet pipes.

Canvas by nature can shrink up to 3% maximum, generally after it first gets wet. Canvas can start to shrink either after or before install, depending on humidity and storage conditions as a result of the moisture in the air, and the conditions at the time of storage and installation. We have designed our panels to allow for this shrinkage, although in the case that the canvas shrinks the full 3%, we can simply reduce the tightness by removing a couple of tek screws, bringing the canvas in 5-10mm as required.


Our unique process is designed to quickly create unique travel experiences. We add value as every step of the way, giving you every assurance you’re investing in the highest quality, longest lasting products available today.
  1. Initial inquiry
  2. Identify project requirements
  3. Formal quote developed and supplied
  4. Approval from client – 10% deposit required
  5. Manufacture drawings & specifications finalised. This usually takes 1 week, unless special ‘one-off’ drawings are required.
  6. Manufacture commences – This usually takes 2 to 3 months, or more if prototyping is required – 40% payment required
  7. Shipping – Shipping usually takes 1 month, or 2 depending on location – 40% payment required prior to shipping
  8. Arrival at nearest port – Final 10% payment to be made on arrival
  9. Customs clearance – 2 to 4 days
  10. Freight to site – ESA can help with quote if required.

As each custom packing and shipping request is unique, so too is each estimate. Estimates are not guaranteed until 45 – 30 days prior to shipment and may vary based on confirmed weight, dimensions, date, and other pertinent information.

This is a cost recoverable process, and our aim is to achieve the best possible prices for our customers. As a result, we give you the opportunity to pay and deal with recommended freight companies yourself, or we can entirely handle this process.

Your structures will be delivered to your nearest port, and for orders of 5 or more, sea freight will be included in the total order cost.

From the port you can make your own arrangements to site, or we can arrange all freight for you as required.

On quoting your order we will supply an indicative freight price. This price is only an estimate as costs are subject to change 30-45 days before delivery. Some factors that may cause variations in freight costs include; time of year, equipment required, location of site, availability, quantity of order.

Two delivery methods:

  1. We give you the option to purchase the shipping container in which the structures are supplied. All items will be loaded into the container and delivered as a whole and left for you on site. This is a popular option as these containers can be reused and refurbished.
  2. The alternate option is to unpack and collect the structures from the port using a freight forwarder. In this instance the equipment will need to be unpacked from the container and delivered loose to site usually by truck or barge. When using this method, you will need to organise equipment to unpack and load on to the organised freight forwarder. If you do not have suitable equipment available, we can arrange this for you at an additional charge.

From previous projects, we have identified a good indication of cost for a  single trailer is approximately $5 AUD per km.

Our shipping costs generally do not cover: arrival costs, import duty, local taxes, gst / vat, destuffing, delivery to site. Our experienced handling agents can advise on these costs.

We’re here to help you with a smooth delivery to your door – with 30 years’ experience shipping internationally using trusted marine freight companies, we know how to make the entire process easy and hassle free.

Once you have placed your order, we’ll give you a quotation to your nearest major port in your country and help sort through the logistics with you. Shipping duration is subject to the size of your order, and location of your nearest port.

Eco structures have highly efficient packing systems to ensure that approximately 9 x 4.2m structures can be packed into a standard size sea container. This gives you the choice to either unpack your delivery at the port or transport it to your property in a sea container. Canvas components will arrive in a protective cloth bag, while each structure and components are typically strapped and packed to a recycled wooden pallet so they can be conveniently forklifted into position. Please note each and every order will have specific requirements subject to size, location and logistics. Our team will work with you to ensure an efficient, safe and punctual delivery.

We provide significant after sales support to our clients in the following ways:

  • A full set of technical drawings is provided with each product describing how the eco tents should be erected and the care and maintenance requirements and warranty provisions
  • 3 hours of technical support is provided to assist with any issues that may arise during the glamping tent erection process
  • We put you in contact with local installers who can erect the products in accordance with our instructions
  • We have experienced trainers who can assist you with the installation process at a reasonable cost
  • Where necessary we can provided full supervision of the installation process.


  • RT Canvas: 5 Year Limited Warranty. Estimated life 10-12 years minimum.
  • Flooring external WPC Board: 5 Year Limited Warranty. Estimated life 10 years minimum.
  • Floor joist and bearers – Blue Scope Lysaght 200c: 10 Year Limited Warranty. Estimated life 20 years minimum.
  • Structural Steel Frame: 15 Year Limited Warranty. Estimated life 25 -50 years minimum.

Canvas walls and ceiling, internal and external wood plastic composite internal and external decking flooring, floor joist and bearers, steel structural frame – hot dipped galvanised steel and all fixing required for install.

Durability, longevity, sturdiness, breathes better than synthetic fabrics, retains its shape and colour, class look and colour, ideally suited to the outdoors, 100% insect and vermin proof. Our canvas supplier is also ISO9001 accredited.

Our eco tents come in the standard canvas colours Red Sand, Sand and Grey.

Yes, we can supply custom roof options. This does of course incur additional costs.

100% insect and vermin proof.

Depending on the climate, the canvas will eventually attract some mold. All organic materials attract spores that are continually floating around in the air looking for the right conditions to set up home. However, our canvas is impregnated during the manufacture process with a mold and mildew resistant solution and a water repellent agent. If mould appears, the treatment process is very simple, we supply canvas care instructions which will help you with this.

All our products are treated with a flame retardant chemical, which makes them durable and helps them self extinguish. Fire test reports can be produced on request.

We use ykk zips and runners, we have had clients requesting a new door due to zip damage, this is generally due to how the zips are treated and maintained, we offer zip maintenance advice which generally eliminates any problems. With all wall panels being individual pieces, only the effected door or window needs to be replaced not the whole tent, this can be done easily.

The benefits include longevity of canvas from UV, water, dirt and dust. Please note that the high tensile roof is suitable for all areas, where the HPE shade net is not.

download General in depth information on our products:

Climate Control

Investing in sustainable and insulated building systems for your tourism accommodation may be a large initial financial outlay but in the long run there are many reasons to consider it. Not only will it lower your energy costs and carbon footprint, it will also prevent unwanted noise transferring through single skin canvas walls.

Your accommodation should be a place where guests can stay in peace and quiet. Our structurally insulated wall panels, and insulated blankets for the roof will create effective sound insulation ensuring a comfortable private sanctuary for your guests.

Insulation creates an important barrier between the outside and the inside of your accommodation and is just as relevant in cold regions as in hot ones. In cold/cool regions, insulation will keep your Eco Structure warm and limits the need for energy for heating, whereas in hot/warm regions the same insulation systems keep the heat out and reduce the need for air conditioning. As a result, if you insulate your Eco Structures properly, your guests will be comfortable all year round no matter the season!

By installing insulation it will also cut your cooling and heat expenditure by as much as 50%.

All conventional means of heating and cooling can be applied.

The insulated canvas can help in both cold and warm climates.

Yes, we have snow roof options which can be left up all year round, extending your season dramatically and in turn providing a greater ROI.

Glass windows and sliding doors can be the cause of up to a 40% loss of cooling or heating energy. This can be reduced by up to 80% if energy efficient windows are installed. Our double glazed windows may be the best solution for your Eco Structure, particularly if you plan on having larger window panes.

Our eco tents have been tried and tested in most environments around the globe for more than 10 years and are designed to remain in situ in all seasons. The structural framing elements are certified to meet the ‘structural performance’ requirements of the building code of Australia and are suitable for use up to and including cyclonic wind region ‘d’. All components are made from the highest quality materials and all exterior components are UV stabilized for longevity.