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Eco Structures offers a range of eco-friendly luxury glamping tents to meet the needs of diverse environments, climates and terrain worldwide.

Our Luxury Glamping Tents

The Eco Tent

Our Eco Tent thrives in remote locations where permanent tents aren’t required, offering a quick accommodation solution that treats guests to a high level of comfort.

The Pop Up Tent

The Eco Structures Pop Up Tent is changing the glamping landscape with a smart solution that delivers the ultimate versatility and durability to your site.

Luxury Stretch Tents

Incorporating a unique stretch design, you have the power to create the pinnacle of glamping accommodation that suits your climate and site conditions.

Linked Tents

Need a larger space for entertaining or hospitality purposes? Our linked tents are popular amongst eco-friendly campsites and resorts around the world.

The WABi System

With efficient designs, patented systems and construction techniques, the WABi System is an emerging, global leader in sustainability and eco-friendly building.

WABi Workers Accommodation

Originally designed to fit the various accommodation needs of Australia, we have repurposed our high-end designs to refit the needs of workers worldwide.
Eco friendly glamping tents

Eco Friendly

Our tents have minimal impact to the ground surface to ensure an environmentally-friendly system.

A Complete system

Complete System

No additional flooring is needed! We offer a strong system from the ground up.

Our tents are suitable for all terrains

All Terrain

We can place our structures on unlevel sites and slopes in all types of climates worldwide.

We ship our glamping tents worldwide

Ship Globally

Our dedicated team can help with the logistics of getting tents anywhere in the world.

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Our Global Clients

Our glamping tents are worldwide

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About Us

Eco Structures designs, manufactures and supplies cost-effective, environmentally sustainable glamping accommodation worldwide. Our glamping tents are strategically designed to help resort owners and operators capitalise profitably on the rapidly growing demand for unique, experiential eco travel concepts.

Led by our flagship eco glamping tents, our ability to understand the demands of modern accommodation needs has seen us become an international leader, from Australia to the USA, Asia, Europe, and beyond.

Our luxury glamping tents are the complete system

Our System

  • Fast return on investment
  • Quick installation, with an average of 2-4 days per structure
  • Customisable designs
  • No flooring needed, as we offer a complete system from the ground up for a quick and easy build
  • All terrain
  • Any season and weather
  • Shipped globally
  • Australian owned and designed

"We wanted to provide accommodation for guests that was low impact on the environment and seamlessly blended into the landscape. Eco Structures glamping tents have a simple, yet sleek design."

How We Work



Our glamping accommodation experts can have detailed discussions with you to identify project requirements, including site identification or evaluation.



There is an art to triggering emotionally charged traveller experiences. It starts by scripting how your guests will interact with you, then designing a physical structure that brings it to life.



To ensure our solution offers unsurpassed asset value enhancement, we’ll work through your budget requirements in detail and develop a price proposal for your consideration.



We can deliver our eco friendly glamping tents to almost any location around the world. Installation is fast, with our tents taking on average 8 hours to install.

Our Glamping Tents Can Be Found at


Our lead time is 90-120 days to manufacture, 4 weeks to shipping, and 2-4 days to install.

Each component of our glamping tents have different lifespans. The structure is designed to last a lifetime, with canvas, decking and PVC replaced accordingly.

Choose our patented Eco Anchors as a solution for eco-friendly footings. Or, where rock is present, concrete footings may be the solution.

Our eco-friendly glamping tents are designed with sustainability in mind, promoting eco-tourism by minimising environmental impact and supporting the preservation of natural habitats.

Our tents are designed to withstand a variety of climates and weather conditions, ensuring guest comfort and safety year-round.

We offer a range of different options for each style of tent, allowing you to tailor your eco-friendly tent to fit the unique needs and aesthetics of your glamping site or resort.

Our team provides comprehensive support and guidance during the installation process. This ranges from site evaluation to the final setup, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation experience.

We are committed to quality, sustainability, and innovation in the design and manufacture of luxury glamping tents. We believe our tents stand heads and shoulders above the competition.

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