Glamping, or glamorous camping, has been steadily growing in popularity around the world.
Nov 23, 2023 |

Top 10 Glamping Destinations Worldwide

Relax, and unplug by visiting one of these 10 top glamping destinations from around the world. Read More

Reducing your carbon footprint with eco-friendly tents is a great way to enjoy outdoor adventures while minimizing your impact on the environment.
Oct 20, 2023 |

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint With Eco-Friendly Tents

For the sustainable traveller, finding an eco-friendly tent is paramount to enjoying your camping adventures. Read More

Oct 06, 2023 |

Wildnest Farmstay – Disconnected Holidays

Tucked away in the picturesque Capertee Valley, Wildnest Farmstay offers guests to disconnect from the noise of the world and… Read More

Glamping vs camping
Sep 15, 2023 |

Glamping vs Camping

We outline the key differences between glamping and camping, and the benefits of each. Read More

Aug 03, 2023 |

Top 15 Glamping Destinations in Australia

Curious about starting your own glamping business and want some ideas on what your resort could look like? Here’s a… Read More

Jul 03, 2023 |

Why Choose An Eco Tent Over a Traditional Structure

Are you debating between building a traditional structure, such as a cabin or tiny home, and an Eco Tent? Here,… Read More

Jun 12, 2023 |

Eco Structures: Our Comprehensive FAQ Guide to Eco Structures and Our Products

If you’re interested in starting a glamping business, or a luxury retreat, or are just curious about what an eco… Read More

May 22, 2023 |

How Durable Are Our Eco Tents?

Many of the world’s unique and remote areas make stunning locations for glamping resorts. However, these isolated areas are often… Read More

May 16, 2023 |

The Latest at Kakadu Cooinda Lodge

We are excited to introduce to you the newest offerings at Kakadu Cooinda Lodge’s – five beautiful Yellow Water Villas,… Read More

Apr 11, 2023 |

Starting an Eco Glamping Business in 2023 – What You Need to Know!

Glamping has seen a massive surge in popularity in recent years. Across the globe, guests favour unique experiences and accommodations,… Read More

Apr 05, 2023 |

Blue Wren Farm Glamping Tents

Blue Wren Farm is a working farm that has been producing wine and cherries for over a decade. The farm's… Read More

Feb 22, 2023 |

Olio Bello – Second Stage Luxury Development

Located in the Margret River region, Olio Bello is a unique sustainable retreat, providing guests with an unrivalled experience by… Read More

Feb 09, 2023 |

The Glamping Market Continues to Climb

Most consumers prefer spending a huge sum of money on immersive experiences as opposed to material possessions. Ethical awareness as… Read More

Nov 25, 2022 |

Evamor Valley – Couples Retreat

As a 5-star accommodation, Evamor Valley provides guests with an espresso machine, air conditioning, BBQ facilities, bathrobes, hairdryers, tea/coffee making… Read More

Nov 24, 2022 |

Amaroo Escape – Picturesque Forrest Camping

Amaroo Escape is located in the unique and quaint town of Gloucester. It is situated at the gateway to the… Read More

Aug 24, 2022 |

Where To Go Glamping Around Perth And WA

If shopping at Kathmandu, wearing hiking boots (not the fashionable sort), tripping over pegs and poles, sleeping on the floor and waking up… Read More

Jan 25, 2022 |

Ramping up the glamping

Karl Plunkett was building eco resorts with high-end tents before the term glamping even existed. He’s the brains behind Eco… Read More

Nov 16, 2021 |

The future of Eco building is modular

As the planet's population is growing at a rate of over 1% per year, the toll on the environment has… Read More

Oct 25, 2021 |

Australia’s Evolving Glamping Industry

International Glamping Business Publisher Steph Curtis-Raleigh catches up with Eco Structures Australia International Sales Manager, Tom Butterfield to learn about… Read More

Sep 08, 2021 |

Celebrating Our Clients’ Success

It’s not often that we stop to celebrate the achievements and success of the projects that we’ve proudly worked on… Read More