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Why Choose An Eco Tent Over a Traditional Structure

Why Choose An Eco Tent Over a Traditional Structure

Are you debating between building a traditional structure, such as a cabin or tiny home, and an Eco Tent?

Here, we’ll go over five advantages of Eco Tents compared to traditional structures to show you why eco tents are rapidly becoming a go-to choice for investors and resort owners across the globe.


5 Advantages of Eco Tents Compared to Traditional Structures

Here are five reasons to choose an eco tent or eco cabin rather than a traditional structure.


​1. The Rise of Glamping and Wellness Tourism

A growing number of consumers are opting to spend large sums on unique, luxurious travel experiences and memorable holidays rather than material possessions.

Travellers, particularly millennials, are seeking adventurous holidays with a focus on immersive local experiences. Families and couples are also seeking the chance to ‘get back to basics’ and take a break from the stress and grind of daily life.

The perfect way to meet this growing desire for unique, relaxing getaways? Glamping.

A report by Grand View Research, Inc. anticipates the global glamping market to reach a value of USD 5.94 billion by 2030.

Along with the increased willingness to spend money on experiences rather than possessions, modern-day travellers are expressing an interest in getaways that demonstrate respect for the environment and local communities and cultures.

With eco-friendly construction and concern for the environment, Eco Structures is proud to be an industry leader in the sustainable tourism industry.

Eco Structures was built on the belief that resorts can offer outstanding, luxury accommodations while taking proactive steps to protect the environment.

With the trend of glamping, wellness tourism, sustainable tourism, and staycations growing rapidly, Eco Structures is here to assist resort owners and operators in bringing their design vision to life. We help investors capitalise on the demand for retreats that perfectly blend luxury with eco-conscious practices into memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


2. Cost-Effective and Improved ROI

Eco Structures Glamping tents are significantly more cost-effective than investing in a traditional structure.

As opposed to conventional builds, total build cost is notably reduced. With an on-site time of days compared to weeks or months, labour costs are cut dramatically.

With lower initial investment costs, this leads to a fast return on investments and a higher ROI. While it varies depending on your setup, tent design, occupancy rates, and location, initial investment costs can be recovered within a matter of two or three years.

With their convenient kit form, detailed assembly instructions, and minimal footprint, Eco Tents are designed to be constructed in approximately two days.

To prepare, simply choose from the various footing options, prep the site, and get ready to have your eco-friendly accommodations built within a matter of days. We highly recommend our Eco Anchor system as this eliminates the need for the use of concrete while offering a durable, cost-effective solution. The Eco Anchor system is especially well-suited to remote locations.

The straightforward design of our eco tents and modules minimises the need for skilled labour to erect and install the structures. Each eco structure comes with a comprehensive installation guide that provides all the information and details required for you or your local builder to install the products in as little time as possible.


3. Environmentally-Friendly Design

Eco Structures respects Mother Nature. Both in her destructive power and in the need to protect and preserve our beautiful planet.
Along with being built using premium, durable materials meant to hold up in varying climates and harsh weather conditions, Eco Structures prioritise eco-conscious practices.

Eco Structures incorporates environmentally friendly, sustainable measures into the design, manufacturing, construction, and installation of each Eco Tent, including:

  • Our proprietary Eco Anchor foundation system boasts a smaller environmental footprint compared to conventional foundation systems such as concrete slabs or pads and stumps.
  • The small building footprint minimises the need for disruption or excavation with heavy machinery, leaving as much of the natural environment and local flora and fauna intact. Once constructed, the native flora and fauna can coexist below each eco structure.
  • The fast installation time (approximately 3-4 days) or disassembly time means there is minimal on-site time, reducing disturbances to the surroundings such as local wildlife, flora, and fauna.
  • Pre-fabricated materials and components are accurately prepared ahead of time into convenient kits, minimising the amount of on-site waste.
  • Glamping tent kits have the option to be airlifted in for remote or environmentally sensitive environments, offering reduced impact compared to hauling by conventional trucks.
  • Our glamping tents can be dismantled within a matter of days if removal or relocation is required.
  • Along with a significant increase in convenience, this causes less disturbance compared to the demolition of a traditional structure.
  • Eco tents are designed to be compatible with eco-friendly add-ons, including solar panels, filtration systems, and more.
  • The recycled material used for the Eco Decking offers a long lifespan, natural thermal insulation, and colour embedded right into the boards. This pre-integrated colour negates the need for messy painting or staining with chemical-filled products.
  • High energy efficiency is offered by the thick, premium canvas material.
  • The use of neutral canvas colours was carefully selected to complement the scenery than detract from it.
  • Option to invest in canvas insulation to reduce energy expenditure, decrease noise transfer, lower your carbon footprint, and reduce heating and cooling expenditure by up to 50%.
  • The durable, premium materials used require minimal maintenance, reducing on-site impact and increasing product lifespan

For further information about how Eco Structures prioritises an eco-friendly approach without compromising on product quality, check out our post on “How Durable Are Eco Tents?”.


4. Versatility

Eco tents offer immense versatility, all the way from the design process to installation to the option to do a complete rebuild or easily add or remove decks or rooms.

Eco tents can grow with your business, seamlessly adjusting to changes in guest desires, shifts in your business model, or desired upgrades. The footing system also allows our structures to be counter-levered, creating the option to build even on sloped surfaces.

For remote locations — which often make some of the most stunning getaways — we can help you research off-grid power options to make your resort dreams a reality.

While each of our products features standard modular sizes, there are hundreds of customisation options and immense layout flexibility. Our team will work closely with you to develop a layout that is custom suited to your business model, location, target market, climate, and goals. For larger projects, we are happy to create prototypes upon your request.

Our team is happy to be as involved as you want in the planning process. Aside from your budget and imagination, there are no limits to what we can dream up.

We offer comprehensive services from start to finish, including:

  • Architectural design
  • 3D rendering
  • High-level master planning
  • Interior and landscape design
  • Council approvals
  • On-site installation or inspection
  • FF&E assistance
  • Feasibility study


5. Potential for Faster Local Approval

Although it depends on your local zoning regulations and ordinances, many local councils deem glamping tents as semi-permanent structures. This can speed up the approval process through your local council.

Obtaining permits is generally straightforward. If desired, we are happy to help you through the process of obtaining the necessary permits.

Our engineer can work with your local engineer to help you through the entire planning process, including researching local regulations and obtaining permits.


Why Choose Eco Structures

Whether you are planning to start a glamping business here in Australia or want to develop an eco-friendly resort in the United States, Europe, Fiji, the Caribbean, or elsewhere throughout the globe, our team of sustainable tourism experts is here to help.

Our experts at Eco Structures Australia boast over 30 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and supplying luxury glamping tents that are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and structurally sound.

We offer extensive experience in advising investors on eco-friendly business practices, resort start-ups, and sustainable tourism. We’re here to bring your vision of a luxurious, eco-conscious, exceptional resort to fruition.

Whether you want to set up a single eco-structure tent or develop an entire eco-retreat, we’ve successfully planned and installed eco-friendly tents and modules in a vast range of locations, climates, and sectors, such as:

  • Tourism Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Civil Estate
  • Industrial Government
  • Mining
  • Schools
  • Wineries


Have Questions or Want a Custom Quote on Our Eco-Products?

Our team can personally help you from the very first visions of your eco-friendly resort through to completion. Although we are based in Fremantle, Western Australia, we offer online and onsite help throughout the world, covering an extensive range of climates, locations, and environments.

As a leading worldwide manufacturer of luxury glamping tents, we’ve sold eco structures in 18 countries! With our vast range of 350 designs to choose from, you can completely customise your eco-friendly build based on your unique location, target market, and vision.

Browse some of our completed projects here or contact us today with any questions or a customised quote. We would love to hear more about your vision for an eco-friendly glamping retreat.

Karl Plunkett goes by many titles. A Developer, who established a successful building company, Australian Eco Constructions Pty Ltd, in 1996. An Owner, specifically of Eco Beach Resort in Broome where he first commenced working on the prototype eco tents, eco modules, and gazebos that have now become Eco Structures Australia’s core products. But above all, he is a Discoverer.