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Our System

Eco Structures is a modulised tent system which is easily adapted to suit the climate, market or site. Our goal is to work with clients and architects to develop a framework of their preferred solutions.

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Modular Glamping Tents

Our award-winning pop-up glamping tent is fully customisable, giving clients the benefit of greater design flexibility and the ability to tailor a solution to any budget restrictions. They thrive in almost any location, including remote regions where permanent tents aren’t required.

This quick accommodation solution treats guests to a high level of comfort, at half the investment cost of a permanent tent structure. With our unique interlocking system, installation is extremely quick relative to standard hotel rooms.

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Bath Pods

For the ultimate in premium ensuites, treat your guests to The Sahara – a true game changer in the glamping scene that creates a soul restoring sanctuary for guests.

Features include tiled floors, full height tiled walls and matching tile skirt, a 10mm frameless glass shower screen over a recessed triple anodised aluminium floor grate, concealed cistern and back-to-wall toilet pan, stunning vanity with stone bench top, and high-end fixtures throughout.

We’ve created a level of comfort reminiscent of a hotel room, complemented by an upgraded electrical fit-out to set the mood and ensure your guests enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience.

Eco Anchors

The Eco Anchor is patented technology that offers an innovative concrete free foundation system. The four drive rods are driven into the ground using a pneumatic hammer, forming a structurally stable and level foundation system in a fraction of the time and a third of the cost of conventional concrete foundations.

The Earth Anchor connects to the adjustable base plates of the steel floor frame, allowing for 100mm of adjustment to obtain final level on site. If the ground is undulating, 1 metre long sleeve extensions can be cut to a required length. This system allows for our structures to be installed with ease in remote undulating environments, saving time and cost.

Minimal impact to the ground surface, combined with an extremely small footprint, offers an environmentally-friendly option compared to other conventional foundation systems.

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Lift & Brace Kits

The lift Kits can be added to any of the tents. They are designed for uneven grounds and will be able to add elevation and bracing to the tents.

They can allow the tents and cabins to have more variety as to where they can be located globally. They can be purchased in the sizes of 1, 2 and 3m heights which can then be cut to the size required on site to tailor each Eco tent to the location and various elevations. The lift kits come in 3 types depending on what type of pole its attaching to.

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Balustrade & Stairs

We have developed stairs and balustrade proprietary to our system. Balustrade is a modular system designed to work with our Eco Tents and installed within a few hours.

Our stairs are again proprietary to our system, allowing your tents to placed at various heights. The benefits of utilising the stair system is it minimised the time of assembly and cost due to working with the tent design.

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Add-on enclosures have been designed to give our tents flexibility in usage. Eco Structures have developed the enclosures in kit systems to make it possible to evolve the standard tent at any time by adding on extra enclosures.

Utilised to add internal space, our enclosures are multi purpose with main uses including bathrooms, bunk rooms, storage etc. The possibilities are endless!