Environmental Policy

Eco Structures Australia’s management are committed to minimising, where reasonably practicable, our impact on the environment for the benefit of current and future generations.

We will strive to the continual improve our environmental management system, prevention of pollution and minimisation of waste relevant to our business processes.

Environmental Objectives

The Management and Staff at ECO Structures Australia are committed and will strive to:

  • Implement processes to minimise waste and protect the environment with our site installation operations
  • Actively promote recycling both on our work sites and within our administrational processes
  • Purchase environmentally friendly products wherever possible

How our products are Environmentally friendly:

  • Our Eco Anchor foundation system offers a small environmental footprint compared to conventional foundation systems such as concrete slabs, pads and stumps etc.
  • The installation of our Eco Anchor foundation system negates the need of heavy concrete trucks and the like on site that can cause major disturbance to ground surfaces and natural flora
  • The relatively fast install time of 2 days approx. per tent equates to minimal time on site (therefore minimal disturbance) for construction workers and machinery compared to conventional dwellings which may take several weeks
  • As our glamping tents are pre-fabricated all required materials/components are accurately manifested meaning minimal waste is left at site
  • Our glamping tents in kit form can and have been air lifted into remote and environmentally sensitive locations offering minimal impact compared to conventional truck haulage
  • Our glamping tents can be dismantled and easily removed if required in 2 days approx. per tent offering minimal onsite disturbance compared to demolition of a conventional structure
  • A range of environmentally friendly services can be installed to our tents including solar panels, septic and filtration systems etc.
  • Our Eco Decking flooring is manufactured from a recycled rice husk composite material offering natural thermal insulation. With the colour embedded into each board no painting or staining is required preventing harmful chemicals spilling into the earth.
  • Durability of product means minimal maintenance and disturbance on site
  • Our glamping tents are energy efficient and can be heated or cooled very efficiently due to the canvas construction holding the ambient air temperature so well which ultimately minimises power consumption
  • The aesthetics of our design and neutral canvas colours visually blends in well with the natural environment

As part of our systems and processes we will:

  • Train, educate and communicate with employee’s, contractors and other relevant interested parties in regard to this policy and expectations towards protecting the environment where necessary
  • Ensure that this policy is available to interested parties
  • Define and meet objectives, by documenting and monitoring measurable environmental targets consistent with this policy
  • Conduct regular management review meetings to ensure our Environmental Management System is reviewed and controlled appropriately
  • Report, investigate and apply corrective actions to all environmental incidents and non-compliances
  • Comply to environmental statutory, regulatory and other requirements
  • Document and mitigate all company environmental aspects and impacts where reasonably practicable
  • Conduct audits of key processes within the business as part of our Continual Improvement Process
  • Ensure our Environmental Management System is conformant and certified to ISO 14001:2015
  • Review this policy annually