Luxury Stretch Tent


Make a statement with the Eco Stretch Tent, the pinnacle of glamping luxury ideal for resort owners looking to escape ordinary.

Incorporating a unique stretch design, this tent allows you to design your accommodation specifically for your concept’s unique climate, site conditions and usage.

Eco Friendly

Minimal impact to the ground surface, with a relatively small footprint, ensures an environmentally-friendly system.


We have several features available to purchase to complement your Eco Structures Eco Tent.

quick installation

Assisted online and on-site installation is provided, depending on what your project requires.

fast roi

The ability to charge a higher nightly rate ensures a faster return on investment.


Every Eco Structures Luxury Stretch Tent is unique to your business. While all come supplied in kit form, we give you the freedom to create your own masterpiece. By hand-selecting various components, such as bath pods, ensuites, decking and glass front doors, you can match your personal vision to every luxury Eco Tent.

Our luxury stretch tents are the complete system. As they include the flooring system and decking, there is no need to find an alternative solution.

Standard kit features

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long lasting materials

We treat our luxury tents as if we were building a house. That’s why all Eco Tents are high standard, permanent structures, made to comply with the highest Building Code of Australia (BCA) standards and engineered and manufactured to the maximum cyclonic wind rating of Australia for any structure (Region D).
feature warranty Included Estimated life
Canvas 5 years 10-12 years
Structural Steel Frame 15 years 25-50 years
Flooring External WPC Board 5 years 10 years
Floor Joist & Bearers Blue
Scope Lysaght 200C
10 years 20 years
  • Stretch membrane roofing
  • 12 oz canvas walls or upgrade to WABi wall panels
  • WABi windows 5mm glazing
  • WPC decking
  • Flooring system

Floor Plans

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To download full specifications please request a brochure below.

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To download full specifications please request a brochure below.

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To download full specifications please request a brochure below.

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To download full specifications please request a brochure below.

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We’ll partner with you to design your experience – everything from choosing your canvas colour, to adding sliding glass doors, vinyl flooring, add-on enclosures, a kitchenette and more! 

Step up your glamping tent game to the next level.

Vinyl Flooring

Samoan Oak
Light Walnut

1.8 Wide Decking



Red Sand
Mid Grey

PVC Roof

Pale Beige
Nato Olive
Pure White

Add ons


Each tent comes with install drawings, so it can be put together a bit like a flat pack. Providing you have knowledge about tools and building, most people will be able to install the tent themselves.

We are also able to work together with our clients to assist in finding installation partners. We work with installation partners that are regionally responsive, cost-effective, quality driven and tailored to each client’s needs.


Our lead time is 90-120 days to manufacture, 4 weeks to shipping, and 2-4 days to install.

Each component of our Glamping Tents have different lifespans. The structure is designed to last a lifetime, with canvas, decking and PVC replaced accordingly.

Choose our patented Eco Anchors as a solution for eco friendly footings. Or, where rock is present, concrete footings may be the solution.

The maintenance required for Glamping Tents is minimal. Store bought products can be used to clean any marks.

We offer replacement canvas panels, decking and roof flys for when there is a need. Just remove the current panel or part and replace with a new panel.

With our lift kits we can install our Eco Tents on any terrain. From the side of a hill, to over looking a lake. We have the solution you need.

Our Glamping Tents can be heated or cooled with split system air conditioning, or a fireplace for the cooler climates.

Our eco friendly glamping tents are rated to 130km-250km winds. The structure itself is designed to be cyclonic. They are also internationally fire rated.

Our Tents come with the decking and the sub floor steel structure. As such, electrical fittings and waste management can be installed just like in standard construction. As each tent is off the ground, maintenance is significantly easier than standard construction.

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