Become a Dealer

If you are interested in becoming a dealer of our award-winning products, please get in contact with our team.

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Join Our Referral Program

We offer a generous referral program that rewards partners for successful introductions to those who didn’t previously know about Eco Structures and our products.

Introduce Eco Structures products to your prospect, then when they are ready to purchase or commence planning, contact us.

You’ll have the option of remaining involved in the process or simply hand over and allow us to take care of everything. Your reward is a 2% commission of the sale.


Your Options


  • Must generate and provide own leads to Eco Structures
  • Is not required to meet sales targets, or achieve key performance indicators

Authorised Dealer:

  • Is a non-exclusive dealer for the nominated country or region
  • Must have proven industry experience
  • Meet key performance indicators and sales targets

Dealer Enquiries