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How to Choose the Perfect Eco-Friendly Glamping Tent for Your Business

How to Choose the Perfect Eco-Friendly Glamping Tent for Your Business

Glamping, the glamorous side of camping, is becoming increasingly popular as more people seek luxurious outdoor experiences.

To choose the perfect eco-friendly glamping tent for your business, consider your specific needs, the environment, and guest comfort. At Eco Structures, we have the expertise and range of products to help you make an informed decision.

This post will help you:

  1. Identify your business needs and target audience
  2. Choose the right tent size and design from Eco Structures’ range
  3. Include essential features and consider customisation options
  4. Adapt tents to different environments and guest preferences


1.) Define Your Business Objectives

Understanding the purpose of your glamping site is crucial. Are you aiming to create a luxury resort, an eco-retreat, or a hybrid model? Knowing your business objectives will help you select the most suitable glamping tent.

Consider the type of experience you want to offer your guests. Are you targeting families, couples, or solo travellers? Each group has different needs and expectations.


Consider the Number of Guests and Their Comfort Requirements

The number of guests you plan to accommodate will influence the size and number of tents needed. Think about the level of comfort and amenities your guests will expect. High-end glamping experiences often require additional features such as en-suite bathrooms, heating, and cooling systems, which should be factored into your selection process.

By clearly defining your business objectives and understanding your target audience, you can narrow down your choices and make a more informed decision on the best eco-friendly glamping tents for your site.


Do your guests require a high-end, luxury experience?
Do your guests require a high-end, luxury experience, or an eco-friendly glamping tent with the bare basics?


2.) Overview of Eco Structures’ Tent Ranges

Eco Structures offers a variety of tent designs to meet different needs and preferences. Our main ranges include the Eco Tent, the Luxury Series, and the Pop-Up Tent. Each range has unique features and benefits that cater to various glamping business models.


Choosing the Appropriate Size and Layout

Selecting the right size and layout is crucial for providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your guests. Here’s a brief guide on how to choose the right size:

  • Eco Tent: Provides ultimate versatility and durability, making it a smart solution for various site conditions. These tents are suitable for a wide range of guests, from solo travellers to larger groups.
  • Luxury Series: Offers elevated comfort and style, perfect for high-end glamping sites. These tents are designed for those who do not want to sacrifice luxury even in the great outdoors. Ideal for couples or small families.
  • Pop-Up Tent: Ideal for remote locations where permanent structures are not required. They provide a quick accommodation solution without compromising on comfort. Suitable for couples or small groups.


Benefits of Different Tent Designs

Each tent design has its benefits and is suitable for different climates and terrains. For example:

  • Eco Tent: Adaptable to various environments, offering flexibility in setup and use.
  • Luxury Series: Designed for all seasons and extreme climates, offering enhanced insulation and weather resistance.
  • Pop-Up Tent: Best suited for moderate climates and terrains, easy to set up and maintain.


By considering the specific needs of your glamping site and the preferences of your target audience, you can choose the right tent size and design from Eco Structures’ range to ensure a successful and sustainable business.


3.) Checklist of Must-Have Features

When selecting a glamping tent, it’s important to consider essential features that ensure durability, comfort, and sustainability. Here are some must-have features:

  • Durable Materials: Ensure the tent is made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials that can withstand various climatic conditions.
  • Weather Resistance: Look for tents with good insulation and ventilation to provide comfort in both hot and cold weather.
  • Ease of Assembly: Choose tents that are easy to set up and take down, reducing labour costs and installation time.


Available Add-Ons

Eco Structures offers a variety of add-ons to enhance the functionality and comfort of your glamping tents. Some popular add-ons include:

  • Bathrooms: A premanufactured bathroom or a bathroom kit luxurious fittings and fixtures.
  • Decking and Outdoor Spaces: Extend the living space with durable, weather-resistant decking.
  • Enclosures: With our add-on enclosures, we make it possible to start small and evolve over time.


WPC decking offers guests an enhanced outdoor experience
WPC decking allows your guests to enjoy the natural surroundings from their balcony.


Importance of Eco-Friendly Options

Choosing eco-friendly features and add-ons not only benefits the environment but also appeals to eco-conscious travellers. Consider options such as:

  • Solar Panels: Harness renewable energy to power your glamping site.
  • Water Conservation Systems: Install rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling systems.
  • Sustainable Materials: Opt for furnishings and fixtures made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials.


By incorporating these essential features and customising your tents with eco-friendly add-ons, you can create a unique and appealing glamping experience that meets the needs of your guests and supports your sustainability goals.


4.) Customising for Specific Climates

Different environments require specific customisations to ensure comfort and durability. For example:

  • Cold Climates: Add WABi insulated wall panels, heating systems, and weatherproofing to keep guests warm and comfortable.
  • Hot Climates: Enhance ventilation, use reflective materials to reduce heat, and install cooling systems.
  • Wet Climates: Ensure waterproof materials, proper drainage systems, and raised flooring to prevent water ingress.


Enhancing Guest Experience

Customising tents to enhance guest experience can significantly improve satisfaction and repeat business. Consider the following customisation options:

  • Private Decks and Patios: Provide guests with their own outdoor space to enjoy the surroundings.
  • Luxury Furnishings: Include comfortable beds, stylish furniture, and quality linens.
  • Unique Décor: Reflect the local culture or natural environment in the tent’s interior design.


Luxury furnishings can be added for a premium experience.
Luxury furnishings can be added for a premium experience.


Our Successful Customisations

We’ve built glamping tents for 100+ projects worldwide. Two examples where customised tents have suited the local environment include:

  • Eco Beach Resort: Utilised extra insulation and solar panels to create a comfortable and sustainable environment for guests.
  • Karijini Eco Retreat: Designed tents with additional ventilation and cooling systems to combat the hot, arid climate.


For more examples, please visit our projects page.


Need Help Choosing?

By tailoring your glamping tents to the specific conditions of your location and the preferences of your guests, you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience that sets your business apart.

Choosing the perfect eco-friendly glamping tent for your business involves careful consideration of your specific needs, the environment, and guest comfort. By defining your business objectives, selecting the right tent size and design, incorporating essential features, and customising for different environments, you can create an exceptional glamping experience that delights your guests and supports sustainability.

Contact Eco Structures today to find the perfect eco-friendly glamping tent for your business and start creating unforgettable experiences for your guests!

Karl Plunkett goes by many titles. A Developer, who established a successful building company, Australian Eco Constructions Pty Ltd, in 1996. An Owner, specifically of Eco Beach Resort in Broome where he first commenced working on the prototype eco tents, eco modules, and gazebos that have now become Eco Structures Australia’s core products. But above all, he is a Discoverer.