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The Growth of Glamping 2024: Key Statistics

The Growth of Glamping 2024: Key Statistics

In 2024, glamping has firmly established itself as an enduring trend while inspiring travellers worldwide. The union of natural surroundings and lavish accoutrements has an exciting upward momentum that is expected to continue to build. Glamping addresses the desires of travellers who seek luxury accommodations in the great outdoors.

Glamping’s ability to successfully provide travellers with the best of both worlds is evident when glamping stats are analysed:

  • Online searches about glamping grew 143% in just three years.
  • The glamping industry’s value is estimated at $ 3.11 billion in 2024.
  • The industry’s value is expected to expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.1% by 2028, with an estimated worth of $ 4.91 billion.


Factors that influence the sustained growth of glamping include:

  • Rise of eco-tourism
  • An increase in the number of staycations
  • Social media exposure
  • A growing desire to be close to nature
  • Wanting adventure and creature comforts
  • A cultural move towards valuing experiences over traditional gifts
  • The variety of glamping experiences available


Glamping is growing in popularity


Who is Glamping?

Because most ages and income levels can enjoy the experience, glampers represent a cross-section of vacationers. Glamping stats regarding age reflect this:

  • The 18-32 year old age group leads the global glamping market, generating 45.33% of revenue in 2023.
  • The 33-50-year-old age group makes up the second-largest glamping segment, representing 28% of respondents.
  • Children glamping with families and older adults comprise the remaining 26.7% of glamping.


Additionally, 79% of glampers felt it was ideal for multi-generational travel. Glamping’s ability to appeal to a broad demographic ensures its future in the outdoor entertainment industry.


Eco-friendly Glamping

Glamping is a favourite of the eco-conscious. A report cited in Outdoors showed that 71% of travellers want to take part in sustainable travel. There is an overall growing consumer preference for green practices across all sectors. Consumers are especially interested in minimising environmental footprints and actively promoting sustainability practices. Prospective glampers actively seek destinations that demonstrate a commitment to eco-friendliness.


Global Glamping

While glamping as a staycation option is popular, glamping is a global phenomenon. There is no shortage of exceptional travel destinations that possess beautiful natural highlights.

The destinations with a depth of culture, historical significance, and one-of-a-kind natural experiences have the most significant growth. In 2022, Europe dominated the global glamping trend with a 35.29% market share. New Zealand is rising to challenge Europe’s hold on the industry and has a 15% growth rate. Statistics predict that the Asia Pacific region will experience increases that will rival other global glamping areas.


Glamping’s Social Aspects

While there are some who enjoy the solitude of a back-to-nature glamping experience, the growing trend is for glamping locations to offer centralised areas where guests can socialise.

While actual numbers vary, upward of 50% of glamping locations provide areas to foster a sense of community amongst guests. These can take various forms. Some of the most common communal areas are:

  • Swimming pools and jacuzzies
  • Playground areas
  • Dining facilities ranging from snack stands to upscale eateries
  • Organised activities
  • Lounges with inviting seating, board games, and small convenience stores
  • Spas and fitness centres
  • Outdoor cinema


Technology to Connect or Unplug

For some glampers, a tech detox is a significant part of their experience. However, as glamping becomes more inclusive, a considerable number of guests want to have the option to connect when necessary.

Around 71% of glampers said that total connectivity was not necessary, but they preferred to be able to use their technology if required.

As a response, many glamping facilities offer specific areas with Wi-Fi. If a guest would like to connect, they have the option. They also have the ability to limit their time and preserve their time away from the daily grind.


The Future is Bright

All signs point to a continued uptick in the glamping industry. Current projections predict glamping will reach $4.8 billion by 2025, and estimates continue to go up from there for both market value and consumer interest. As we look towards the future, glamping is on pace to lead the next wave of travel trends.


Glamping in NSW, Australia


It is clear that the time is right for this marriage of comforting, indulgent amenities with nature’s grandeur. The growth of glamping continues without any signs of slowing. Projections suggest a sustained rise in both market value and consumer enthusiasm.

The harmonious combination of opulence, natural surroundings, and sustainability that glamping provides is positioned to remain at the forefront of travel trends. Eco Structures understands the nuances needed to create an amazing glamping experience. Contact us to learn more about our expertly designed and crafted glamping systems.

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