About the WPC Decking

Our WPC Decking system is made from a composite, renewable material that combines polyethylene and organic rice husks, created to preserve your natural environment by leaving minimal eco footprint. This eco tent system arrives flat packed and ready to be bolted together, you save costly onsite installation time and speed up the booking process! The material used helps prevent harmful chemical spills as it avoids the need for painting or staining, with the added advantage of eliminating costly, time-consuming maintenance, adding an extra element of splendour to your glamping tents and cabins.

The walkway system complies with the highest Building Code of Australia (BCA) standards and is engineered and manufactured to the maximum cyclonic wind rating of Australia for any structure (Region D).

  • WPC Decking

  • Floor joist and bearers

  • Galvanised 200C

  • Eco Anchors

  • All fixings required for install