About the Eco Anchor

Saving time and money for your business, the Eco Anchor system allows our Eco Tents to be installed with ease in remote, undulating environments, where glamping tents otherwise would not have worked. It works by driving the four drive rods of the Eco Anchor into the ground using a pneumatic hammer. This forms a structurally stable and level foundation system in a fraction of the time and a third of the cost of conventional concrete foundations.

The Earth Anchor connects to the adjustable base plates of the Eco Tent steel floor frame, allowing for 100mm of adjustment for ease of obtaining final level on site. If the ground is undulating, 1-metre long sleeve extensions are utilised that simply slip onto the Eco Anchor steel stumps and columns during install, and if needed, cut to the required length on site.

With minimal impact to the ground surface combined with an extremely small footprint, the Eco Anchor is the environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional foundation systems. 

  • Eco-friendly

  • Easy install

  • Flexible

  • Huge savings

  • Fully tested

  • Fast install

Eco Anchor Advantages

Ease of installation

The footings for a building can be installed in a fraction of the time and there is no requirement for excavation plant or concrete materials.

Ground suitability

The Eco Anchor system can be installed in a range of ground conditions and there is no need to level the ground prior to installation. Our system has a range of fitting that can provide horizontal and vertical adjustment to ensure that buildings are installed level and in the correct alignment.

Environmentally friendly

Minimal impact to the ground surface combined with a relatively small footprint offers an environmentally friendly option compared to conventional foundation systems.

Cost effective

Eco Anchors can be installed at a fraction of the cost of conventional footings, particularly in remote locations where concrete and construction plant is not readily available.