Swell Lodge Eco Retreat


Swell Lodge Eco Retreat

Christmas Island

Luxury in the Wilderness
Where else in the world you can sleep in a wildlife-filled National Park and gaze out over kilometres of uninhabited coastline from your bed, in such complete luxury & privacy. Here at last, you can relax and reconnect. Perched on a sea cliff on the far side of Christmas Island, Swell Lodge is the world’s most exclusive eco-lodge: Just two luxury eco-chalets offering all-inclusive packages with daily guided activities, limitless bar, Wi-Fi and personal chef cresting gourmet cuisine from local produce.

Eco Sustainability
Swell Lodge is privileged to exist inside a National Park, beside a RAMSAR wetland. We’re governed by strict environmental regulations and use the latest technology to ensure your stay in the wilderness has minimal impact on this pristine environment.

Each of our 100% solar-powered eco-chalets has a 1.4KW solar array which saves over 750kgs of CO2/yr entering the atmosphere and our efficient, high-output ceiling fans remove the need for air conditioning. We’re proud of our solar hot water, modern odourless composting toilet, greywater filter treatment system, phneutral bio-degradable soaps, shower gels, teabags and bin liners, and even have crab-safe vehicle attachments and a carbon neutral program realised through ‘Greenfeet’ planting native trees to offset our vehicle emissions. So you can enjoy your stay at Swell Lodge guilt-free. Sweet Dreams.

Eco Accreditations
Swell Lodge has been awarded Ecotourism Australia’s highest level of certification, ‘Advanced Ecotourism’, as well as a ‘Climate Action Business’ reserved for exemplary operators in terms of our ecological sustainability, natural area management and provision of authentic cultural experiences, a recognition also approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

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