About the Structural Insulated Wall Panel

Our WABi Panel is a patented system  that achieves an insulation rating of R3. Our panel system attains the  highest cyclone rating in the world (Cyclonic Region D). WABi Panels is also clever enough to be incorporated into tents, creating an insulative feature wall to withstand harsh cold climates.

Due to the manufacturing process, the panels are extremely flat and are suitable for the application of almost  any finish without significant preparation. Internally faces can painted directly for affordable housing situations or  alternatively flushed and finished to a high standard for residential accommodation. On external faces a flexible finish can be applied, or alternatively sheeting can be fixed,  such as Colorbond or Hardiplank.

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Cost effective

  • Thermally efficient

  • Structural integrity

Advantages of our panels

Thermal Efficiency

We are able to achieve a thermal efficiency rating of R3, using PIR, which is the highest thermally efficient foam currently available on the market.

Structural Integrity

Due to the manufacturing process our panels are fully bonded, solid and extremely robust. Unlike other SIP’s which have less dense foams or fiber insulation, WABi panels are able to withstand extreme impacts, and this makes them ideally suited for use in affordable housing.

Electrical and Plumbing

Electrical cable and pipework is run between the panels in the hollow pultrusion, alleviating the need for complex and messy chasing or the installation of conduits.

Ease of Assembly

Our panels are delivered in standard sizes, of either 900 mm or 600 mm width by 2700 in height. Each panel can be easily lifted into position by a small team without the need for mechanical plant. Joints are glued, with no requirements for mechanical fixings, which further enhances the structural integrity of the system.