Cobourg coastal Camp

Pushing the limits of what we know of reconnecting with nature, with a coastal glamping twist

Cobourg coastal Camp

Arnhem Land, NT
8 Eco Tents
The solution

Teaming up with Eco Structures Australia, Aaron and Hugh ‘made their own’ masterpiece with eight 3m Deluxe Eco Tents designed to exist in harmony with the site’s natural surrounds and relentless tropical climate. Nestled amongst savannah bushland overlooking the picturesque waters of the Cobourg Marine Park, the camp offers a profound guest experience, allowing travellers to disconnect and reconnect with nature, all with a delicate touch of modern luxury.

The destination

Australia’s Cobourg Coastal Camp isn’t exactly the boldest print on a map. Hidden away on the most northern tip of the Northern Territory mainland (the Cobourg Peninsula in north-west Arnhem Land), it’s the final frontier of one of the world’s last true wildernesses. So when Aaron and Hugh Gange embarked on an experiential basecamp project for their micro-group eco tours and accommodated fishing charters, it was only fitting that they fearlessly pushed the limits of what’s possible.

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