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A wonderful balance of “glamorous” and “camping,” glamping is a trend of luxury camping that allows your guests to appreciate nature without sacrificing comfort. Adding Glamping, in the form of luxurious Eco Tents offers an exciting new opportunity for owners and operators who want to diversify the use of their land, capitalize on the increasing demand of luxury glamping experiences and generate extra income.

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Why Choose Eco Structures Glamping Tents?

Quality Product

Earthquake resistance, cyclone rated, 15 year warranty

Eco friendly

Small ecological footprint. Can be built in National Parks, Class A Reserves

Quality Canvas

Ideally suited to the outdoors: Rot resistant, water proof, durable, colour fastness, anti-fungal


Design your own unique experience

Cooling Options

Air conditioning and ceiling fans can be installed easily

Quick installation

Average 2 - 4 days per structure

Fast return on investment

Quick installation equals fast ROI

Capitalize on the increasing demand

Glamping is booming

As international icons of experiential glamping accommodation, we go beyond the limits of the ordinary to ensure your travel concept is as rewarding for you as it is for those who experience it! This is the new frontier of travel.

Discovery Rottnest Island has been developed with the local Rottnest holidaymaker very much in mind, but also caters for visitors to Western Australia who seek out an exceptional natural experience.

We wanted to provide an accommodation for guests that was low impact on the environment and seamlessly blended into the landscape. The Eco Structure has a simple yet sleek design…

Cam and Tasch D’Arcy

Sierra Escape

It’s all about getting back to basics and providing an authentic farm and tourism experience. Luxury is rapidly being redefined and people are changing the way they want to spend…

Dr Garry Garside

Olio Bello

As an expansion to our Eco Resort, Lady Elliot Island was looking for a product that would blend into the natural landscape and minimise our footprint. Due to the remote…

Daniel Lukritz

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort

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