We don’t like to boast, but there’s a good reason why our clients keep giving us positive testimonials. A lot of it is down to how we guide them through the whole process, from initial order to final install. When we say that we are committed to working collaboratively with our clients, we mean we foster solid working relationships for the duration of the project.

We have found that having a close working relationship is essential to delivering the best outcomes. Our design team is able to assist you through all aspects of the process with architectural drawings, 3d renders, and even install and training.

First, we schedule an exploration meeting. This is either face-to-face, on the phone or via email, so we can get a clear understanding of your needs.

In order to fully understand your project, we ask a range of questions designed to identify the project scope. This is the exploration stage, where we discuss with you the overall project objectives, number of luxury glamping tents required, expected room rate, auxiliary buildings required, level of service, environment, logistical considerations and more. We do this as we want to know as much as we can about the project before it is even underway, so that nothing is left to chance. The recommendations we give will be in response to the answers gathered from our high-level brief.  

Project Location

After this, we move to the concept development stage where we work out all the architectural drawings, detailed floor plans of the accommodation, auxiliary buildings, and site layout. Once you have decided on the number of eco structures you require, we’ll provide a detailed project estimate, and construction schedule.

Concept Development

Main Lodge – Concept Drawing

At this stage, should you so choose, you can proceed with a high-level master plan, where you can decide whether to go for one of our architectural designs or whether to adapt an existing design to suit your needs, or the bespoke option where you choose to go for a completely custom design. This is the engaging process as you decide whether to go for one of our architectural designs, adapt an existing design to suit your needs or choose to go for a custom design exclusively created for you. We will supply you with a 3D render of your design allowing you to visualise what your future building will look like.

High level master plan – 3D renders

Finally, we will deliver on every decision discussed, guaranteeing you complete satisfaction. The way we work is perhaps best summed up by our company philosophy of Enquire, Provide Detail, Overdeliver.

Final Product


It couldn’t be simpler, as attested to by GAPP Architects. Here’s how they found the whole experience of working with us.

“In 2017, GAPP Architects were appointed as the designers of a new luxury tented camp. After assessing the work of a few tent specialists around the world, Eco Structures were appointed, based on their quick turnaround of the designs, their experience working in remote locations, their willing cooperation and the fact they had the capability to deliver the structure as well as the tent envelope. Throughout the project they were quick to react and professional in advice and execution of the work.

The design process was relatively smooth. GAPP Architects prepared conceptual layouts and 3D views that demonstrated the proposed design intent, which Eco Structures then interpreted and, with their specialist expertise, translated into construction drawings. Through extensive discussion and a rigorous redlining process, we were able to ensure the Eco Structures design complied with our design intent. Much of the time we were guided by Eco Structures as to what was possible and what was not. Where specific details were required to be incorporated by us, these were forwarded to Eco Structures for inclusion in the design.

A full-scale mock-up was built by Eco Structures for our review. It was an essential part of the process and we were very grateful for Karl Plunkett’s willingness to produce this. Throughout the process GAPP worked interactively with the competent Eco Structures team and despite the distance between us, the camp was successfully delivered – and the clients love it.

Sally Tsiliyiannis
Director – GAPP Architects and Urban Design